About Our Ohana

Aloha to our Friends and Ohana!

The Jonathan Tarr Foundation Ohana includes dedicated volunteers who offer time, talent, professional skills and generous resources, expecting nothing in return. We hold hands and work together toward the common goal of, “Recognizing the Potential and Rewarding the Determination” of those students not normally targeted for academic assistance to attend college or a certified professional/trade program.

Through the Windows of Opportunity Scholarships and outreach programs, we encourage and support the scholarship recipients to pursue higher education and leadership opportunities.

Robin Tarr, CEO/Founder (Bio)

The Board
2014 Officers
Evelyn Kheo President
Lena Mafnas Vice-President
Kathryn Reyes Treasurer
Rosendo (Zen) De la Cruz Secretary
Robin J. Tarr
Gerry Guevara
Vicki Mafnas
Chrystell Brace
Leslie Rivera-Mason

Join Our Team

Come and hold hands with an outstanding group of community leaders who sincerely believe in helping a diverse community of graduating high school seniors succeed as they become young adults. Come and give your hands, heart and talents to help a student realize his/her fullest potential. Contact us today: jonathantarrfoundation@gmail.com.

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